Hoods are an important item to any  kitchen.


Our advanced building techniques allow you to have freedom to explore almost

any style and finish that works with your kitchen.

 Hoods can be the central theme from which all other components of the kitchen flow.

 A hood can be used to compliment the the area.

 Hoods can be tiled.

Hoods can be finished with stucco.

 But all hoods serve a second function.  They get rid of the smoke.

 Many counties require hoods as part of their fire code.  This hood meets all regulations, including outside ratings from UL.

 Hoods are available im many different styles. 

They can have different components; both upper and lower .

 Sometimes just a simple line and  finish is the perfect compliment.

 Other times, the hood sets the theme for the whole kitchen.

 We start with your ideas

 And finish to match your surroundings

 The inside detail is as important as the outside


The backsplash can be used to add detail and style to your kitchen design 



A Custom Designed Hood can put the finishing touches on your kitchen. 

 But it doesn't have to be elaborate to make an effective statement

 We can design the entire kitchen around your patio. Building the elements that will make it uniquely yours.