More Outdoor Kitchen Designs

 Any setting will be perfect for a Ultimate BBQ Island. You could turn your back yard into a fun place to enjoy family, friends, and the great Florida weather.

 The choice of materials, hardware and style is almost limitless.

 Special shapes, extra shelves, special features for your outdoor island, all waiting for you at Ultimate BBQ Island


 Its time for an Outdoor Kitchen!!!

 Power burners..... great for steaming!


 Even  a  portable island can be special and unique.

 You can have portable space that can move around the patio

 Flexibility is what makes Ultimate BBQ Island so easy to work with

 You may want an upscale look

 You may even want a pizza oven!

It's all very easy with our design team!

 You could replace your JennAir with one of these!

 Sometimes a small package is just what the doctor ordered.

 You may not need a grill, but having some space to set and enjoy your patio can be great!

 An open bar is easy to keep clean, and it doesn't restrict your view from the house.

 We can work with the existing elements of your patio and build them into your kitchen.

 While a closed bar can help to keep the weather out of the Chef's area.

 You can plan multiple top heights to provide comfortable seating for your guests.

 A finished patio is a pleasure to use and a Fire Magic Kitchen increases the value of the home.

 A grill, wine cooler, and keg-o-rator is all you may need for a great day of entertaining and fun.

 An umbrella is a welcome addition to a Florida Outdoor Kitchen.

 Your Florida Kitchen can be beautiful and functional.

 And it will be enjoyed by the whole family.

 At Ultimate BBQ Island we strive to make your kitchen unique and functional. This unit features a frig, grill, sink, drawers, and a raised bar for guests.

 And, in addition, we are sure to provide proper exhaust to ensure that every cookout is rewarding and fun.

This Solaire grill will do it all.  It will sear, grill, rotisserie, and slow cook the best meals you have ever tasted.

With some planning and help from our staff your corner of the patio can become a great place to enjoy a beautiful florida evening.

This kitchen needed a roof extension to make it a Four Season entertainment area.

 Curves always add pleasant lines.

 Good tile work takes time and thought !

 The work progresses in stages.

Grouting begins and the grill is fitted.

 This table is getting a unique top.

 As the finish stucco is applied the project starts to look better.

 Grout and caulk begin to bring the project to completion.

 The grout is finished!

All we need now are some guests.

 As one project draws near an end, another starts.

This curved bar will seat more people in a limited space.

 Another island is prepaired for setting and leveling.

 Ample space inside the bar allows you  to entertain with ease.

 This job is just starting.

 When an old kitchen is removed, all surfaces must be prepped.

 Now it's starting to take shape.

 Our job is to turn your dreams into reality.

 Once the tile is set; the job is near completion.